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In the midst of rising college expenses, CLEP tests remain a best kept secret. Offered by CollegeBoard, the same organization behind the SAT, the two dozen available CLEP exams let students essentially “test out” of freshman-level courses like American Government, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, and many more.

CLEP exams let students essentially “test out” of freshman-level courses.

But you already know that – that’s why you’re here! Perhaps you’re pursuing CLEP to save money: the $85 test fee is a fraction of a normal college class. Perhaps you’re pursuing CLEP to save time: self-study lets you go faster to get ahead or finish your degree on time. Perhaps you’re here from the military: service members account for nearly a third of the 188,000 CLEP tests taken in 2016. Whatever your reason, Powerhouse Prep CLEP study guides will help you pass successfully.

You’ve made a good choice, as CLEP exams can truly revolutionise your college path. However, you will want to be careful of two things:

Prepare Properly

First, make sure you prepare properly. Data released on 2016 tests taken shows an average pass rate of just 69%. The tests aren’t hard (well most aren’t), but you do have to spend 20-40 hours studying if you expect to be successful.

Check With Your College

Second, make sure your school will accept CLEP credit. Most will accept at least 1-3 exams, and some will even except up to 15 or more, but check with your school before you invest time.

Why Powerhouse Prep Study Guides?

Let’s be honest, the internet is full of CLEP prep material. The fastest of internet searches will turn up literally thousands of websites. So what’s different about our CLEP practice tests and study materials?

Simply put, we’ll help you get off to strong start and point you toward the best resources to continue learning. For each test we support, we’ll give you a very short overview of what you should expect to study. Then we’ve got a brief practice quiz to help you measure your current skill level. And then we’ll point out a few of our favorite places to finish studying. Or you can come here for a midway checkpoint.

Our goal is to make learning easy and fun.

CLEP Exams Available

Enjoy this full list of available CLEP exams. We currently have free study guides and practice quizzes available for the most popular CLEP exams, and we’ll be adding more regularly.

* Exams listed below with a star currently have Powerhouse Prep study guides (click to access). More are being added regularly.

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